Multi-Voltage Relay

The "Multi-Voltage Relay" is a unique relay initially developed as a CDI Inverter for Meka Scoot Tuning.

Meka Scoot Tuning’s initial request was for a device that could be used to invert the Ground signal to the CDI "Kill Switch" wire on a Moped. The main obstacle was that the device had to be able to function when the battery was extremely low, which would overcome the problem they were having with the current CDI Inverter which is based off of a 12 volt relay. The "Multi-Voltage Relay" solved the initial request and with a little fine tuning, it has evolved to be much more functional than originally requested. Using the configurable jumper pins the Multi-Voltage Relay can be setup as a CDI Inverter or as a "normal" relay.

The current Version 4.0 features are:

  1. Like a solid state relay, this Relay operates safely within a wide voltage range (between 3.5 and 25.0 Volts)
  2. The pick up voltage is 3.5 Volts meaning that under ideal conditions the Relay will latch with as little as 3.5 Volts. Guaranteed at 4.0V.
  3. The drop out voltage is 3.25 Volts meaning that the Relay will release when the voltage drops below 3.25 Volts.
  4. This Relay uses mechanical contacts, unlike solid state relays; there is a physical connection between pins 30 (Common) and 87A (Normally Closed) when no power is supplied to the Relay.
  5. The on board jumpers enable multiple configurations;
    • Select between CDI Inverter or Relay modes
    • In Relay mode; some settings eliminate the need for splicing external wires, which makes 3 wire configurations possible.
  6. The Relay uses the Boche industry standard pinout, which is compatible with a RS40 socket.
  7. The operating temperature range is between -25°C and +70°C

The example is set to "Relay Common Ground" (CDI Setup Method #2).

The bottom connector is compatible with the "Bosch style" relay and is also known as a 5-pin, 5-prong, SPDT, or changeover relay.

The relay can be installed in an RS40 type socket:

Another way to install is to use 16-14 AWG Insulated 0.250 Tab Female Quick Connectors:

Testing has shown that under ideal conditions the Multi-voltage Relays can trigger with as low as 1.75 volts and are guaranteed to trigger with as little as 3.0 volts going to pin 86.

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