Meka Scoot Tuning (Partner)

I have partnered with Meka Scoot Tuning a Motorcycle/Moped Repair Shop. An excellent shop known for thier high end custom Moped mods and paint jobs.

The shop owner Stephane came to me looking for a solution to what he referred to as a "common problem". The problem exists in the electrical system, after the installation of a high end after market CDI Unit. It is common to have to install a "CDI Inverter" to invert the signal from the kill switch in order to be able to start the Moped. Most often this is done by installing a 12 volt automotive relay, with the ground connected to the common (pin 30) and the White/Black wire of the CDI unit to the Normally Closed (pin 87A), inverting the kill switch when power is applied to the relay, the short to ground is cut, enabling the Moped to start.

The electrical issue is caused when the battery power is too low to maintain the relay in its powered "ON" state, tripping the kill switch causing the moped to then stall. This would leave the driver stranded, as it would be impossible to start the Moped until the battery was recharged.

I have developed a revolutionary solution, a relay that is able to function with as little as 2.5 Volts and able to handle a constant over-voltage up to 25 Volts in the event of a faulty charge regulator. A faulty regulator can often fry other electrical components, causing costly repairs, due to having to replace the components.

The V2.0 prototype is currently being tested. We will be releasing the final V3.0 Multi-Voltage Relay using the same components. The only major difference is the V3.0 has a more intuitive jumper settings block, making it easier to setup. In specific configurations it will enable the elimination of spliced wires external to the relay unit itself. There will be 2 methods to connect the device as a CDI Inverter, the common 4 wire configuration and the internally spliced 3 wire configuration.

I would also like to point out that the "Multi-Voltage Relay" can be used as both a "CDI Inverter" and a "Relay", solving any under-voltage issues you might have from the more common 12V relays.

Trials should be completed mid-spring 2021 and in production for the public by summer 2021.

For further information follow the link to the Multi-Voltage Relay page.

As announced on Meka Scoot Tuning’s site:

You have an mvt ignition?? Do you have Problems with the 12v inverter that stops working as soon as your battery goes under 12v?

You installed a relay for your mvt dd and as soon as your power is under 12v, your scooter stalls!!?

Mekascoot has the solution for you !!

Mekascoot has partnered with to develop a device which can function as a relay or an inverter and works well below 12v ….. and can handle higher voltages from faulty charge regulators.

This winter 3 or 4 prototypes will be installed and tested for their reliability on very high performance scoots built of course by Mekascoot !!

Remain posted … Future devices will be equipped with a switch that will allow you to choose your set up … either as relay style with ignition key or inverter with original kill switch … all operating under 12 volts and overvoltage tolerant.