Team Deathmatch

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Team Deathmatch

In this mode the device acts as a Referee.

  1. Only the “button” mode is available.
    1. Possibility to have players respawn after a set time.
    2. The Red button is the counter for the RED Team.
    3. The Green button is the counter for the GREEN Team.
  2. This is a time limited game.
    1. When the game starts, the Referee has the total number of players for each Team.
    2. The objective for both (GREEN and RED) teams is to eliminate all members of the opposing team before the timer reaches zero.
    3. Once a player is hit, they press their team’s coloured button, decrementing the number of players there team still has standing.
    4. If respawn is enabled, increment the number of players after the respawn time expires.
  3. The only ways to win are:
    1. The team that eliminates all members of the opposing team wins.
    2. The team that has the most players remaining when the timer reaches zero wins.


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