Remote Domination

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Remote Domination

Requires two or more devices with wireless modules installed.

In this mode each device acts as a base.

  1. Only the “button” mode is available
    1. Red button Captures zone for RED Team
    2. Red button Neutralizes GREEN zone
    3. Green button Captures zone for GREEN Team
    4. Green button Neutralizes RED zone
  2. This is a time limited game.
    1. When game starts the bases are Neutral (BLUE) Zones.
    2. The objective for both (GREEN and RED) teams is to capture the bases.
    3. Once a base is captured, the controlling team’s time is displayed on screen.
    4. While the base is neutral no time is accumulated for either Red or Green teams.
    5. Game can be configured to Neutralize the Zone after a set time => forces teams to patrol the zone to keep control.
    6. When auto neutralize zone is enabled teams can recapture the zone to reset the auto neutralize time.
  3. The only way to win is:
    1. The team with the highest total time in control of all the bases wins.
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