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Similar to Capture the Flag, the virus module is the flag.

This game mode enables the use of “passcode” to activate/deactivate the flag.

Requires two devices with wireless modules installed and a virus module.

In this mode each device acts as a virus storage facility.

  1. In “button” mode:
    1. Green button activates the virus module.
    2. Red button deactivates the virus module.
  2. When “Passcode” mode is used:
    1. Passcode entry has a programable input time limit.
    2. “A” is used to initialize passcode entry to activate the virus module.
    3. “D” is used to initialize passcode entry to deactivate the virus module.
  3. This is a time limited game.
    1. When game starts the virus module can be in two states.
      1. One of the storage facilities has the virus module activated, giving them a starting advantage.
      2. The virus module is in a neutral area and both teams have to get it and install it in their storage facility.
    2. The objective for both (GREEN and RED) teams is to control the virus module.
    3. The virus module must be released before it can be activated in another storage facility.
    4. Once the virus module is activated, the controlling team’s time is displayed on screen.
    5. While the storage facility has no virus module activated no time is accumulated for that storage facility.
  4. The only way to win is:
    1. The team with the highest total time in control of the virus module, wins.
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