Capture the Flag

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Capture the Flag

Requires two devices with wireless modules installed.

In this mode each device acts as a Base for both GREEN and RED teams.

  1. Only the “button” mode is available
    1. At the GREEN Flag:
      1. Red button Captures GREEN Flag for RED Team
      2. Green button Neutralizes Captured GREEN Flag or Plants RED Flag for GREEN team.
    2. At the RED Flag:
      1. Green button Captures RED Flag for GREEN Team
      2. Red button Neutralizes Captured RED Flag or Plants GREEN Flag for RED team.
  2. This is a time limited game.
    1. When game starts both devices have their Flags, one RED and the other GREEN.
    2. The objective for both (GREEN and RED) teams is to capture the remote team’s Flag and Plant it in the other device.
    3. Points are gained by successfully capturing a Flag and planting it in the other base.
  3. The only way to win is:
    1. The team with the highest total Flags planted wins.
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