Airsoft Bomb

I am currently working on a long ongoing project. I have been using the device that I am building to expand on my knowledge and skills. I have been doing this by creating small goals then figuring out how to achieve those goals. Once the goal is attained I add another goal, thus the cycle continues.

Thoughout this project, I have improved my electronic and programing skills significantly from when I started.

The project started a couple years ago. I do not remember exactly how I stumbled on the original code that was the basis for my project. The code is open source and has no licence associated to it therefore I believe that it is public domain. The original code was developed by Ignacio Lillo "Yin" who graciously posted it on his github repo on the 5th Febuary 2015.

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You can view a video on youtube in Portuguese of the original functionallity of his device.

Through my research I have found that there have been many projects based on his code and even a few companies offering devices based on his code.


Devices for Sale:

Looks fairly lucrative, Duel Code has put out 2 models based on Yin’s code.

A Turkish company also has a similar model for sale.

Boom Box

  • Virus mode looks interesting!

Videos of other peoples builds

  • Domination mode

  • Search and Destroy mode

  • DEMO

  • DEMO

  • DEMO in French

  • DEMO in French

  • DIY: arduino airsoft bomb | tutorial

I started this project by patching the original code, fixing some minor bugs. I then changed some of the code to reflect my coding style to make it more my own. Through my research, I found many projects that had some interesting features that I ended up adding to my device. The code slowly evolved into what it is today, with very little of the original code left untouched.

You can view my current progress which will be tracked here. Follow the link to see an explanation of the added game modes and multi-lingual options.

I have and will continue to publish some of the functions I have created under the Arduino pages. For now I have chosen not to publish the current fully functional code. Eventually you will find a link on my Products page, with information on how to purchase the device.

Currently development of this device has not only been coding, I have made 3 different daughterboards to make building the devices easier. Not to mention the addon modules I have built to enhanse the devices capabilities.