Currently available Cylinder Maze Models

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Cylinder Mazes by 3DFabXYZ.com
Are you looking for an unusual gift idea?
Or a unique toy for someone special?
Do you like solving puzzles?
For a truly multi-functional object, 3DFabXYZ is proud to present our new line of 3D mazes.
They can be used as a gift card replacement; just place money and/or a message in the hollowed out cylinder maze base, once the lid is put in place, the person receiving it has to solve the puzzle in order to get to their prize.
Use it to lock a map away for a treasure hunt or coordinates for a geocaching challenge.
For long trips; hide some candies in it and let the kids try to figure out how to solve the maze in order to get to their treats.
Why not use it as one of the many puzzles that have to be solved in an escape room challenge.
Wonderful for all occasions; use them as conversational center pieces, placed on tables at parties. Watch as competitions are born; fastest time or minute to win it.
Of course is just a small list of the many uses you will find for your maze.
Their are multiple maze patterns to choose from.
Give a truly unique gift or start an amusing collection.
Please note that colors may vary.